Heat in a Click

Heat in a Click is a reusable and portable heat pad, used for a variety of medical and non-medical uses. It has been used for orthopaedic and paediatric sectors, with many people depending on these products for all manner of things; from sports injuries and back pain, to hand warmers and baby bottle warmers, and much, much more.

The pads can reach a temperature of 54⁰C (130⁰F) in seconds. The products are safe, durable and reliable, and non-toxic, based on a solution called Sodium Acetate. Reusable thousands of times, they are an economic solution for warming solutions.

product_misc1How Can it Help

Heat in a Click uses heat therapy (or thermotherapy), which applies heat to the body for pain relief and general health. It especially is used for people with arthritis, stiff muscles and/or injuries to the deep tissue of the skin. It’s commonly used for rehabilitation, as heat therapy can decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain and relieve inflammation.

Heat in a Click is also safe to put into a fridge or freezer, which can be used for cold therapy. This is best to use for acute injuries, as is reduces swelling, prevent bruising and helps to numb pain.

How is it used?

After heating or cooling the pad, apply directly to the affected area, and let the temperature do what it needs to. Whether you use Heat in a Click for hot or cold therapy may change how long the therapy should be used, as cold therapy should only be used for 10-15 minutes.