Bodymetrix Scanner

BodyMetrix - Woman being Scanned

Proven and trusted ultrasound technology that can accurately measure tissue structure and body composition. It tracks fat and muscle thickness, as well as monitors and evaluates diet and exercise efficiency. Having been used by athletes and trainers, it is a reliable and easy.

Using a hand-held ultrasound probe, gel and circumference measuring tape, the Bodymetrix Scanner makes assessments on your health within minutes, and is not affected by hydration, exercise level or caffeine intake.

How does it work?

BodyMetrix - Thigh MeasurementUltrasound measurement uses echolocation to be able to determine the amount of muscle, fat and bone is in your body at any one time. Based off of how long it takes the ‘echo’ to come back tells the scanner what we need to know about our body compositions.


What can we learn from the scan?

We can scan from multiple places: the hip, legs, arms, lower and upper torso. We learn the measurements of all the parts of your body, as well as the body fat percentage. It also creates images of your body tissue, allowing you to visually see your own makeup, and then see your progress through time.

For more information:

BodyMetrix - Scan Overveiw