Health and Well-Being

There is always more to health than meets the eye. As such, we offer extra services to help clients with every facet of their overall well-being.


Stem Cell NutritionStemEnhance Ultra Bottle

Everybody has stem cells, and they are a natural part of our system. They work to repair damage to the body, acting to renew, repair and rejuvenate us. Sometimes, however, these systems that we naturally have can use a boost. Stem Cell Nutrition is cutting-edge, innovative and life-enhancing. Read more


Heat in a Click

Heat in a Click

Heat in a Click is a reusable and portable heat pad, used for a variety of medical and non-medical uses. It has been used for orthopaedic and paediatric sectors, with many people depending on these products for all manner of things; from sports injuries and back pain, to hand warmers and baby bottle warmers, and much, much more. Read more


Bodymetrix ScannerBodyMetrix - Woman being Scanned

Proven and trusted ultrasound technology that can accurately measure tissue structure and body composition. It tracks fat and muscle thickness, as well as monitors and evaluates diet and exercise efficiency. Having been used by athletes and trainers, it is a reliable and easy. Read more