Advanced Vitality

Are you ready for a new movement experience?

Advanced Vitality is a fitness movement with silk hammocks, that combines yoga, pilates and strength training for a fun way to build your body awareness.

Anti-Gravity Class 13
Anti-Gravity Class

The silk hammocks support the body through the poses, allowing for greater freedom of movement, and helps to do poses that would be difficult to do without the extra support. The poses can range from simple stretches, to hanging around upside down, all with the help of the hammocks. With classes of up to nine people, trainers are able to give more specific advice for poses, as well as instructions for specific needs.

Classes are for all body types, all ages, and all fitness levels!

If you are interested, contact us for bookings and more information.

Class times: Tuesday and Thursday – 5:00pm to 7:00pm (?)



What to Bring: Suitable clothing for a workout, such as leggings and a tight-shirt.