Chiropractic Care

“You don’t know what you are putting up with until you are not putting up with it anymore!”

Chiropractic Adjustment 1
Chiropractic Adjustment

Our health is centred around our spine. If it falls out of alignment, then the rest of our body can start to malfunction. Chiropractors are concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders within the musculoskeletal system. By using spinal adjustment and soft-tissue manipulation, we help patients to manage the effect of the nervous system and general health.

At Arawa Chiropractic, we know that every patient is different, and we endeavour to provide the best support for you. We provide individual treatment plan for our patients to assist with body function optimally.

What to expect?

If it is your first visit, you’ll be asked to fill out some forms to indicate your health concerns and your medical history. Once Dr. Anita brings you in, you will then go over the questionnaire to target your medical concerns. She will then take you through a health plan, including chiropractic adjustments, that she believes may best help your lifestyle.

Chiropractic Assessment 2
Spine Assessment

For the adjustment, you will be asked to lie in various positions, on your tummy, back or side. She will then feel your spine for any immediate issues, then walk you through any extra movements needed. There may be some popping or ‘cracking’ sounds, but this is just the sound of your spine releasing, and should not concern you.

It is very important to relax as much as possible, to prevent discomfort for you, and to ensure the adjustments are completely fully.


How it works?

When a chiropractic adjustment is made, it begins to remove interference, called vertebral sublaxation, between the brain and the body. This allows the brain to recognise which healing is required in the body, and it can then react accordingly. This allows muscles bracing the spine to release some of their tension, as the brain recognises that it’s no longer necessary. This should result in greater manoeuvrability and greater overall health.

Chiropractic Assessment 4
Chiropractic Assessment



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